Established in 2005, Southwick Meadows is a development of 114 upscale residences in southern Saratoga County.  Located just 2 miles from Exit 8 on I-87, this family-friendly neighborhood is an oasis of serenity and simplicity just minutes from the bustling activities of entertainment, recreation, and commerce that are the hallmarks of this southern Saratoga County community.

More than just a group of homes, Southwick Meadows is a lifestyle designed to satisfy the body, mind and spirit. Children riding their bikes or playing on the front lawns. Neighbors chatting over their garden fences or sharing coffee on their porch. Grandparents spending precious time with their families. Young families playing ball on manicured open spaces.

Southwick Meadows in Clifton Park, NY is a carefully woven tapestry of elegant style and affordability designed for the needs of modern day living. The common areas of this community include natural wooded, forever-wild areas as well as open spaces with lush green lawns that beckon residents to play and relax. A walking and biking trail that traces the edge of the community makes exercise a close and easy option.

Each homeowner by virtue of their home purchase contract are members of the Southwick Meadows Homeowners Association.  Southwick Meadows is overseen by an association of all homeowners who elect a Board of Directors to ensure that each property, the forever wild areas and the Bike/walking path are maintained to the standards contained in the Declaration and ByLaws.

Please contact any of the Board members to suggest improvements to this site or to obtain answers for your questions.