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HOA Spring Meeting May 15 2014

Board members present: Matt Gleason, Mary-Alice Lynch, Larry Schoen, Rick Sturm, Absent: Chris Arena Additional homeowners present: Naushad Ahmad, Janet Amedio, Bob Bylancik, Julia Carosella, Jessica Dembo, Ginny and Charlie Ducar, John Goetz, Sandeep Gupta, Dan LaMarche, Jim Lynch, Wayne Mondelblatt, Paul Singh, Maimona Rasoully, Allen and Tiffany Van Cleef, […]

HOA Annual Meeting October 23 2013

Rick welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed gratitude that the owners were able to attend. The required meeting announcement, agenda and Bio sketches for the new Board candidates were distributed to owners well in advance of the meeting. Reading of Minutes ofSpring 2013 meeting was waived and the minutes […]

HOA Special Board Meeting March 27 2012

Attendance: Preet Akula, Anu Dhruv, Charlie Ducar, Larry Schoen and Rick Sturm 48 homeowners were present Rick convened the meeting promptly at 7PM with the following: Rick began the meeting by thanking all attendees for taking the time from their family life and from their work to attend this very […]

HOA Annual Meeting Sept 27 2012

Location: Clifton Park Public Library ATTENDEES: Mary-Alice LynchBoard President and Meeting Chair Charlie DucarBoard Vice President Rick SturmTreasurer Preet AkulaBoard Member Anu DhruvBoard Member   Homeowners — 49 owners attended Meeting began at 7pm and concluded at 8:30pm. Mary-Alice began the meeting by welcoming everyone.  The meeting agenda was discussed […]

HOA Spring Meeting May 8 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by HOA President, Mary-Alice Lynch. Board members were introduced: Charlie Ducar, Vice President, Rick Sturm, Treasurer, Preet Akula, Technology/Communications, and newly appointed Board member, Anu Dhruv.  Forty-three residents were registered attendees. President’s Report—Mary-Alice Lynch: Mary-Alice explained the primary purposes of the meeting: […]

HOA Annual Meeting Sept 22 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 by Board President, Mary-Alice Lynch. Mary-Alice Welcomed everyone and introduced other Board members Tom Tomaselli, Vice President and Chair of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), Rick Sturm, Treasurer, and Rod Read. She also thanked the following owners who served on the ARC […]