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Winter 2015 HOA Newsletter

December 2015, Issue 6 From the President Where did the year go? My thanks to all of the HOA Board members for all of the work they accomplished during 2015! Also, I thank Chris Arena and Matt Gleason for their contributions during their time on the Board. Lastly, I thank all of the owners who […]

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Southwick Meadows Homeowners Association 2015 Board Roster 2 Update on Spring Meeting and other Board Activities Rick Sturm, President Term: 2015—2016 Matt Gleason, Vice President for Architectural Review Term: 2014—2015 Chris Arena, Vice President for Compliance Term: 2014—2015 Tiffany Van Cleef, Treasurer Term: 2015—2016 Ed Aluck, […]

HOA Annual Meeting October 30, 2014

Southwick Meadows Homeowners Association Annual Meeting October 30, 2014 Agendas and Ballots for Board elections were distributed at the sign-in table. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by HOA President Rick Sturm. Approximately 50 members were in attendance. Rick introduced the current Board members: Matt Gleason, V P […]

HOA Spring Meeting May 18, 2015

Southwick Meadows Homeowners Association Spring 2015 Minutes May 18 2015 (Clifton Park/Halfmoon Library) The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President Rick Sturm. Other Board Members attending: Chris Arena, Tiffany Van Cleef, Matt Gleason and Ed Aluck.  17 Homeowners Meeting Kendra Subdivision Rick provided an update on the […]