Architectural Review Committee Guidelines


MASTER DOCUMENT:  Southwick Meadows Homeowners’ Association CPS-7 document shall reflect Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and Board of Directors (BOD) approved amendments and clarifications to-date, except rulings identified in BOD meeting minutes not yet posted to the Master Document.  Master Document is kept with permanent records of Southwick Meadows Homeowners’ Association by the Secretary and Board of Directors.


REVIEWS, RULINGS, JUDGEMENTS:  Reviews, rulings, and judgments shall be made against the Southwick Meadows Homeowners’ Association CPS-7 Document, and rulings identified in BOD meeting minutes not yet posted to the Master Document.


BASE DOCUMENT & APPROVAL DATE:  On May 19, 2006 the Southwick Meadows Homeowners’ Association CPS-7 Document was created by the sponsor (Amedore) and approved by the New York State attorney General’s office.


LATEST CHANGES AND ADDITIONS DATE:  On December 14, 2006 amendments were added to the Southwick Meadows Homeowners’ Association CPS-7 Document.


CLARIFICATIONS Vs. CHANGES/ADDITIONS:  Any material change to Architectural Standards affecting exterior architectural form, fit or function – requires majority passage vote by ARC and by BOD.  However, on occasion, clarifications must be made to enhance definition within the master document.  A clarification will not materialistically change or add-to to exterior form, fit or function within Architectural Standards.  ARC Vice-President must pre-approve any clarifications to the master document.  A clarification does not require a vote by ARC or BOD, but must have already been discussed, approved and recorded in minutes of a regularly scheduled meeting of the BOD wherein ARC Vice-President was present.  Clarifications will not be denoted by italics or identified with a date of change in the Master Document.


DISTRIBUTION:   New owners will receive the Southwick Meadows Homeowners’ Association CPS-7 document as part of the property transaction.  Re-Sale home purchasers in Southwick Meadows are to receive the original document from previous owner as part of the property transaction.  A copy of the Southwick Meadows Homeowners’ Association CPS-7 document can be obtained by contacting the Board of Directors.


PURPOSE:  The purpose of architectural guidelines and standards is to document, measure, preserve, and maintain architectural and environmental standards of the community and ensure that its residents continue to enjoy an attractive and appealing living area.


INTENT:  ARC intends to maintain the entire development in harmony with the original developer and home builder’s design plan, while still allowing opportunity for individual expression and general community improvement. Compliance with these guidelines will also protect, preserve, and enhance property values.


ALL EXTERIOR CHANGES:  Any permanent or temporary change to exterior appearance of a lot or dwelling, regardless of viewpoint, requires advance submission, (minimum 60 days before implementation), of an Architectural Change Request (ACR) form to the Architectural Review Committee.  The form is obtained from the Board of Directors or ARC Committee.    Every ACR is subject to review and approval by ARC.  The ACR submission, review, and approval process is required for any alteration to appearance of the home, (Examples of changes that need approval: Decks, Patios, Pools, Fences, Landscaping, Children’s Play-sets, Sheds, etc).  All homeowners must receive approval from the ARC before proceeding with any exterior improvement or alteration. If you have any questions about the approval process, please contact the Board of Directors.


ARCHITECTURAL CHANGE REQUEST  (ACR) PROCEDURE: All applications for proposed improvements must be submitted in writing using the Architectural Change Request application form provided by ARC.  Homeowners should mail completed applications to:


Southwick Meadows Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 5143

Clifton Park, NY 12065


Incomplete Submissions:  Applications must be complete in order to commence review process. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicant with a statement of deficiencies which must be remedied prior to review. Incomplete submissions re-start the 60 day approval cycle. Oral requests will not be considered for approval. In addition, building outside one’s property, either on a neighbor’s property or common ground, will not be approved under any circumstances.


Survey Required:  All applications must be submitted with a copy of the homeowner’s house location survey, which was received at settlement.  Other supporting documentation, such as plans, photographs and drawings that will aid in the Committee’s decision must also be submitted with the review application


Committee Makeup and Voting:  ARC is a volunteer committee.  Members are self nominated or nominated by other owners, and appointed by BOD to serve indefinite terms.  BOD are also representatives of community desires and therefore BOD may temporarily appoint a member, or may appoint the whole BOD body to also act unilaterally as an ARC body, or may substitute one-for-one on the ARC in the absence of other ARC members to achieve an odd number allowing an ARC vote to proceed.  ARC meets monthly or as necessary to review Architectural Change Requests.  In lieu of a meeting, ARC Vice-President may independently review Architectural Change Requests with ARC members, obtain their approval signatures, and/or review disposition or concerns at a next regularly scheduled meeting of BOD.  ARC is required to provide notification to homeowners of approval or disapproval of any proposed alteration within sixty (60) days after receipt of a properly completed application. Any application not so acted upon within the sixty day review period is automatically approved. The sixty day review period will only commence upon the receipt of a complete application form including adequate supporting documentation.


Review Errors Remain Homeowner Responsibility:  Homeowner’s are cautioned that they retain both the initial review responsibility and the ongoing post-change incorporation responsibility to include every element of every Architectural Standard that has been approved by majority vote of ARC and/or BOD, up to date of submission.  Homeowner’s responsibility to correct, adjust, restore, or remedy is not negated by an ARC or BOD review process error during preliminary site inspection, review and approval process, or any subsequent site inspection.


Approval or Rejection:  Homeowners will be notified in writing when their application has been approved or disapproved. The ARC reserves the right to refuse permission for a project that may be viewed as detrimental to neighboring properties or the community as a whole. If an application is denied, the applicant may resubmit the request to the ARC if new or additional information demonstrates its acceptability.


RESPONSIBILITIES OF HOMEOWNER:  The ARC will not knowingly approve a project that is in violation of any building or zoning codes. The responsibility of compliance rests solely with the homeowner, who will be held responsible for any building violations and the penalties they incur.


Approval of any project by the ARC does not waive the necessity of obtaining the required county building or work permits, at the owners’ expense. On the other hand, the obtaining of such permits does not relieve the applicant of the responsibility of obtaining the approval of the ARC.


All construction or alterations approved by the ARC must be commenced within six months following the date of approval, and must be completed within one year of the approval date. In the event that construction/alteration is not commenced within the six month period, the approval of the ARC will be considered void. The homeowner must then resubmit the application for approval before undertaking the project. Also, there shall be no deviations from the plans and specifications approved by the ARC without the ARC’s prior written consent.


As a common courtesy, your neighbors should be informed of all exterior changes. Remember that most exterior alterations have an impact on your neighbors as well as yourself.


Projects should be completed as expediently as possible in a manner that does not create a nuisance or annoyance to the neighborhood. It is homeowner’s responsibility to keep children away and maintain a clean, safe work area.

COMPLIANCE WITH  GUIDELINES:  The architectural guidelines and standards are an accepted part of the Southwick Meadows Homeowners Association; the Board of Directors and the ARC have the right to enforce compliance with these guidelines and standards. All homeowners are urged to review the Architectural Standards detailed in the Southwick Meadows Homeowners’ Association CPS-7 Document to ensure compliance with the aforementioned Architectural Standards. The ARC feels that the closer these guidelines are adhered to, the more harmonious and aesthetically pleasing the community will be. The ARC is always open to ideas and suggestions, and will review projects not covered by these guidelines on a case by case basis.