HOA Annual Meeting Sept 27 2012

Location: Clifton Park Public Library


Mary-Alice LynchBoard President and Meeting Chair

Charlie DucarBoard Vice President

Rick SturmTreasurer

Preet AkulaBoard Member

Anu DhruvBoard Member


Homeowners — 49 owners attended

Meeting began at 7pm and concluded at 8:30pm.

Mary-Alice began the meeting by welcoming everyone.  The meeting agenda was discussed and accepted. The purposes of the meeting were to summarize the Board’s activities for the past year; to solicit homeowner input for HOA activities for 2013; to conduct the annual election of Board members; and to continue the voting process for changes proposed to the HOA declarations.

Mary-Alice described the responsibilities of the Board members and introduced each member and thanked them for their service to the HOA.  Previous board members, Tom Tomaselli and Rod Reed were also cited for their service and thanked.  Rick thanked Mary-Alice for her leadership and dedication to the Board during her 2 year term.

HOA members seeking election include Anu Dhruv, Larry Schoen and Rick Sturm.  Each presented a brief bio to the attendees describing themselves and stating why they wanted to be voted onto the Board.  Homeowners elected all three candidates to a 2 year term.

In the area of announcements, Mary-Alice complemented homeowners on their terrific response to the planned clean-up of the common areas.  This effort has been moved to Spring 2013 so that we can see the trash/debris and not have to worry about ticks and mosquitos.

Mary-Alice reported on the Board’s 2012 priorities for improved technology and communications, HOA manual changes, holding a spring meeting and more aggressive enforcement and the extent they had been accomplished.

Regarding the technology infrastructure and communications, Mary-Alice reported that during 2012, the Board had expanded its e-mail communications but still needed email information for 25 homeowners.  As far as the website is concerned, it was reported that much work has been done in this area but we’re still far short of having a properly constructed and working web site.  Emails and the website will continue as priorities for 2013.  Re the later, the Board is considering contracting with someone to complete the website.  We need everyone’s email information.  Mary-Alice also explained that the Board is working to establish a record retention policy.

Charlie Ducar thanked his committee members, Janet Amedeo, Bryan Kelly, Robin Cohn, and Jody Schoen.  Charlie presented the following re their accomplishments for 2012.

Number of Approved ARC Applications – Twenty-four

Sheds 3

Decks 2

Patios 5

Retaining Walls 5

Swimming Pools 2

Bilco Doors 1

Windows 1

Addition 1

Trees/Shrubs 2

Play Sets 1

Walkway 1


Number of Protective Covenants Violations – Forty-seven

Trash Cans Visible From Road 20

Lawns & Shrubs Not Properly Maintained  18

Newspaper Tubes  2

On Street Overnight Parking  1

Holiday Decorations Out of Season 1

Gardens in Common Area  3

Play Apparatus Stored Along Side of Home  1

Metal Swing Set  1



Mary-Alice spoke re the need to revise the Declarations as a means to eliminate ambiguity, improve enforcement and to provide a framework for the future.  At the HOA spring meeting, these areas were discussed and consensus reached to amend declarations related to siding, lawn maintenance, satellite dishes, sheds and swing sets.

During 2012, the Board worked with counsel to affect these changes.  The proposed changes and rationale for the changes were finalized and mailed to homeowners for their review and approval.  By laws require a 75 percent approval vote before these changes become part of our declarations.

We have received many votes from homeowners and expect to finalize and report the outcome shortly.


The following were brought up by constituents regarding improvements and areas the Board should work on during 2013.

  • Get the website up and working
  • Communicate via web site
  • Put HOA documents on web site
  • Contact the Town re stagnant pond water, removing poplar trees in Quince public area
  • Contact Amedore re removing stone and power pole sited on Ashford where Construction trailer was located.
  • Mow Berm – mow from bottom to top keeping discharge from homes
  • Develop a Master Plan for HOA properties
  • Growing wild flowers in Quince public land, and
  • Check drainage basins on at bottom of berm.
  • Maintain Capital Improvement fund in separate bank account


Mary-Alice provided a detailed slide of maintenance related items and asked attendees to vote whether the items should be priorities during 2013.

Expand lawn mowing frequency YES

Expand field mowing frequency NO

Mulch Front and Back Entrances YES

Mulch common areas NO

Weed Front and Back YES

Weed Interior NO

Landscape Cloth NO

Fertilize and weed kill all areas YES


Trim shrubs front and back YES

Trim interior shrubs NO

Repair sign YES

Illuminate front sign NO

Sealcoat/trim walking path AS FUNDS ALLOW



We discussed the annual budget and explained that while it is ultimately the responsibility of the Board to set the budget, the Board of Directors would take into consideration all homeowner concerns and the need to properly maintain HOA properties and infrastructure in finalizing the Budget and the amount of the annual assessment.  The final budget would be sent to all homeowners in December, 1 month before the annual assessment bills are mailed out,  We mentioned that the assessment for 2013 would most likely be in the $400 – $600 range.
Respectfully submitted

Rick Sturm


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