October, 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

Southwick Meadows Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2016 (Clifton Park Library)

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President Rick Sturm. Other Board Members attending: Matt Posniewski, Tiffany Van Cleef and Ed Aluck.

Approximately 50 homeowners attended; counting absentee and proxy ballots, a quorum was determined to be present.

President Rick Sturm opened the meeting by thanking homeowners for attending the meeting.  He then discussed the agenda, including the procedure for electing Board members.  Discussed that Board approved the creation of an ex officio (non-voting) member of the Board in order to assist the Board during times of transitions, especially where several Board members are leaving the same year.  Also discussed that one Board member elected last year for a 2 year term had been unable to fulfill her term.  Matt Posniewski, Vice President of Architectural Review, has been fulfilling her role as VP of Compliance.

Matt Posniewski, VP Architectural Review and acting VP of Compliance.  Discussed and reminded homeowners of the Architectural review process, noted almost all issues in reviews were resolved.

For Compliance, Matt noted that he has been required to send a number of letters on a variety of issues.  Noted homes are now between 7-10 years old, gave overview of main compliance issues.  Asked homeowners to be proactive in achieving compliance so that he is not required to send letters.  Discussed an issue with Mailboxes – noted that the manufacturer who made the original mailboxes, Gibralter, no longer makes the post for the mailbox, although it continues to make some parts.


Treasurer, Tiffany Van Cleef, provided overview of HOA finances.  She advised that we started with approx. $18000, put additional $7000 in capital account.  Will have approx. $8600 to carry over for next year.  Discussed accomplishments, landscaping at Chatsworth Circle, replacing dead bushes, normal maintenance and normal bills.  $50 per household goes to capital account.  As of end of august, $36,045 in capital account.  Have not spent monies from capital account.

2017 proposed budget.  Should have approximately $8600 to roll over for next year.  Assessments will be $40,250.  Tiffany discussed all estimated expenditures.  Projected to end 2017 with approx. $6800.  Will maintain $350 assessment for 2017, due March 1, and 10% penalty for any late payments.  Some questions from homeowners about whether to maintain $50 annually for Capital account.  Board explained need to maintain that amount in order to build up Capital Account to levels that would be sufficient to deal with unanticipated and/or large expenses.

Elections – Janet Amedio, Charlie Ducar, Sandeep Gupta, Hiren Pathak, Prakash Shenoy, Rick Sturm stood for Office.  All gave speeches in support of their candidacies.  Ballots were cast and counted.  Rick announced and congratulated the winners – Janet Amedio, Charlie Ducar, Sandeep Gupta (two year terms) and Rick Sturm (one year term).

Open forum.

One Homeowner asked about bushes in front of Southwick Meadows sign. Owner of Revelations said he will be doing maintenance on it before the end of the year.  Another homeowner praised the “forever wild” area on the Berm.  Another homeowner asked that smokers not leave cigarette butts at the end of her driveway. Dan from Revelations said that his crew is sometimes asked by homeowners to address certain landscaping issues, but he pointed out that Revelations maintains neighborhood pursuant to a contract with the HOA, which specifies what areas it maintains.

Basketball hoops.  One homeowner expressed dissatisfaction that permanent basketball hoops are not allowed in front of the home.  Board noted that Portable hoops are allowed, but must be removed each night.

Meeting ended at approximately 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Ed Aluck


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